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Posted by Rod on July 31, 2000 at 15:12:05:

In Reply to: Re: Freeloader problems posted by Brian Cameron on July 30, 2000 at 13:54:37:

It seems only the people who use 98 or 95 have had any luck with Freeloader... It seems to blow up at people's faces with other systems, specially Macs. I don't use it myself, I only end up getting back to it to help with people's postings. I just load banks thru Unisyn nowadays (which is starting to annoy me too... I'm been thinking about buying soundquest so I don't need 3 separate editors...) Anyways I agree with Jason that this program leaves much to be desired and there are plenty of other freeware/shareware programs.

I've been contemplating getting Garrigus' book also, I've heard good reviews about it.

: Jason... great advice! I have been having problems with freeloader blowing up, but because I'm running NT instead of
: windoz95 it doesn't hang my system. I just happened to come across the syx topic in Scott Garrigus' book "Cakewalk
: Power" and I find out that Cakewalk has the ability to send out syx files (a great book by the way, for anyone -- like me --
: who is just learning Cakewalk). Anyway, I loaded up the syx file from the Alesis CD and sent it off to my qs6: no
: problem.

: Bri
: : As long as your QS is set to receive on the same MIDI connection you're actually utilizing (i.e., regular ports or serial port), it doesn't matter what mode you're in, because the incoming User Bank info takes priority. You may be another of us whose problem is with Freeloader itself. Depending on who you talk to, it couldn't work more smoothly, or it's buggy and worthless. The only thing it would do for me was crash my computer.

: : So before pounding your head against any more walls, you may want to try another sys-ex player. Scroll the board back a few months to a 5/23 listing headed "Freeloader & the Mac." Follow that thread, and you'll find the url to some freeware called SysEx 4.3.3 that I found to be infinitely more stable and cooperative, plus it allows you to record sys-ex data, as well. If you're working on a PC, not to fear....there's a version for that, too.

: : : Thanks Rod, that has gotten me one step closer; however, when I select the QESENSE1.SYX file off the cd and
: : : press ">" I get the message "unable to play playlist entry". Under devices I've selected "sb16 midi out" and I've
: : : verified that the midi connection works (I recorded and played back via cakewalk). What mode does the qs6 need
: : : to be in to receive the file? The QS6 manual doesn't talk about *loading* banks (or at least I can't find it) but it
: : : talks about "saving" banks.

: : : Thanks... Bri

: :
: : : : : I read a posting that said you can load more sounds into the user bank with the freeloader
: : : : : program. I discovered that freeloader v1.0 is on the alesis CD that came with my QS6. I fired it up,
: : : : : but it only allowed me to load fiels with the filename extension of *.frl (not *.syx). The sysex
: : : : : files on the CD have an extension of syx.

: : : : : So, I copied the files to a temp directory with an extension of *.frl and loaded up one of them.
: : : : : The problem then is all of the instrument names are garbage (wierd characters) and when I
: : : : : press the ">" button to play them there is no sound. I'm not really to keen on loading this over
: : : : : top of my existing virgin-factory user sounds if they turn out to be crap. I don't have a real good
: : : : : feeling about this.

: : : : : Anyone else experience this?
: : : : : Is there a newer version of freeloader out there?

: : : : : Thanks... Bri

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