Re: How do I assign those QS8.1 controllers?

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Posted by Bob on August 02, 2000 at 19:53:28:

In Reply to: How do I assign those QS8.1 controllers? posted by Jeremy A. Ter Louw on August 01, 2000 at 13:18:06:

: OK. I just want to do a simple thing. I want a mix with piano and strings. I want a slider(A-D) to fade between the two. Or two sliders, one assigned to the volume of each voice.

: I recognize that there are several mixes made this way. However, I can't find how the controller is assigned to the volume, and I can't completely kill off the strings. They always leak through a little, apparently through the effects mix.

: I can also find how to assign controllers in the effects, but nowhere else.

Jeremy, the a-d controllers are set in global edit, I believe. Assign the ones you want to use for volume to CC# 7. Then in mix mode assign which controller (slider) is to be used for which sound. I don't have the manual right here so I'm not sure which page the function is on, but it's there somewhere in mix mode. I think you can also assign them in Program Edit if you make a split/layer using different voice assignments.

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