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Posted by CP on September 01, 2000 at 19:39:01:

In Reply to: Re: recording mixes posted by Michael on August 31, 2000 at 22:58:39:

First of all we must clear out that Mix has nothing else inside than the programs it contains. A Mix just join together several programs to accomplish a complex and fat sound. Whatever we hear there coming from Programs.

For your problem:

Take a look at MIX Edit Mode Menu. There are 7 option there with several pages each. Every Midi Channel that this Mix contain can have different values for these options.

The 5th option called "CONTROLLERS" and there are 4 pages there:

p1 Wheels: (values) ON/OFF
p2 Aftertouch: ON/OFF
p3 Sustn Pedl: ON/OFF
p4 Controllrs: ON/OFF

From these pages you can set what kind of controllers will be active when the program is in the Mix.

For example, when a program xx is in the user bank and you use it alone, maybe you want its fx send controlled by keyboard aftertouch or by Sustain Pedal.

But when you add this program in a Mix maybe you don't want aftertouch control the fx send, so you set this value to "OFF".

Maybe somewhere here is you problem. First try all these Aftertouch values set to OFF in all channels, and then start turn them to ON till you find from which program(and channel) this aftertouch come.

When you'll find it, go to the Program Edit Mode and set the modulation sources in a way to hear the same result as in the MIX (you must know that QS synth give the option to control real time 6 sound parameters and 2 FX parameters. The title of these options in QS screen called MOD 1-6 or just MOD [in FX edit mode]. But you have to read manual if you don't familiar with these.)

Start try this and i'm sure you'll find the solution. Anyway if need something else i'm here.


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