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Posted by Bill on September 12, 2000 at 11:34:21:

In Reply to: Re: Help with volume control on mix channels posted by Paul W on September 14, 2000 at 12:35:11:

Hey Paul,

I think you just solved my own dilema. I created an organ patch via Unisyn, assigning sliders A-D contolling volume of 4 different organ "sounds" like drawbars. Same problem as Don, if a play a chord with all the faders down, I won't here anything unless I hit the chord again as I move the faders. Am I correct in assuming that this is unavoidable? Or is there a way to hold down the chord and hear it as the sliders are being moved up? Thanks!

: Hi Don,
: There is no way to start the track or live play at a lower volume without "blipping" the EV-5. When you change to a new mix or program, the volume goes to the original setting until it receives a "7" volume change. I tend to "play" the volume pedal as I'm changing the preset so the volume goes down almost immediately (especially on Hammond organ programs/mixes.)
: I guess no keyboard is perfect. PW

: : I have a QS8 with a Roland EV-5 pedal set up to control volume (CC 7). I put it in channel solo mode, select a mix, say preset1 00, and channel 1. When I play something in this channel, I get full volume, regardless of the setting of the pedal, until I blip the pedal. That set's the volume to correspond to the pedal position, but when I use the Page > button to switch to channel 2, the same scenario - full volume until I blip the pedal again. How can I have the pedal setting reflected in the volume immediately without having to blip the pedal for each channel change?

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