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Posted by Rod on September 13, 2000 at 18:51:00:

In Reply to: QS8 Notes are flat posted by Jeff Milburn on September 13, 2000 at 11:29:19:

I'm not too sure about the pianos on the qs8 (I own a qs6 and have never bother with them). As a general note piano sounds usually come in two flavors - beat-tuned and ensemble tuned. I'm not going to explain this in detail, I'm not a piano player and your wife probably already understands this much better than I can explain it.. but basically one tuning will sound a little flatter than the other at upper registers, and the reverse on the lower (or is it the opposite... I can't remember). Beat tuning is how a acoustic piano is usually tuned.. to itself.. which generates irregular intervals. Ensemble tuning follows regular intervals and works better when the qs is being played with other instruments. Check the alesis documentation to see if they discuss this. Hopefully I didn't offend any die hard piano players with my lousy explanation.... ;-)

Now as far as tuning individual notes, that is not possible, you can only tune the synth as a whole. Hopefully other qs8 users can comment on this.

As far as loudness, that doesn't sound right... Is it consistent through out different sounds? You may try different experiments with a sequencer, recording what you play and looking at the velocity levels.. this may indicate if there are problems with some of the sensors. I find this hard to believe on a keyboard that is < 4 years old, but then again the action is made by FATAR (I think) and I've seen complains on user groups about problems with the weighted action.

Good luck with the qs8!


: I just bought a used qs8 (ebay). I have a test period and I'm trying to figure out if this is
: a decent instrument. My wife plays the piano well, I play the radio. The upper 6 notes on
: the keyboard sound flat to us both when in the piano program group. When in other groups
: the notes don't sound flat. Could a previous owner have adjusted the individual notes and
: if so how do I get back to the factory presets.

: One other question. I seems that different keys have different loudness for the same level
: of touch. Is this normal, does the keyboard need cleaning, can this be fixed. I would appreciate
: any emails or postings. Thanks very much. JM

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