sysx in cakewalk to save the whole work

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Posted by Kristian Hägg on September 17, 2000 at 04:29:42:

Hi folks!

I have a question: I want to be able to save back the whole work, that is settings
for the mix, instruments chosen and and all settings i might play around with, i want
these saved to cakewalk by sysx BUT what sysx requests should i send?!

Will the "mix buffer" give me all i need to have all in place again when i load the
project later, or do i need more then that?! read something in the sysx doc that the
sounds are NOT saved in the mix buffer, but i mean, hello?! do i have to request this
seperatly for all 16 channels, and what about the effects?! are those saved in the
mix buffer dump, or do i need some effcts buffer etc too?!

A explination of this would be GREAT, Thank you!

ps: send the answer by mail to, would appreciate it, be sure to remove
the REMOVETHIS part of it (i don't want the spambots to pick it up)

/ Best Regards Kristian Hägg

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