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Posted by Bob on September 18, 2000 at 12:08:14:

In Reply to: QS 6.1 Bank Changes & Controller Question posted by X Factor on September 12, 2000 at 22:00:30:

I've read that you can dedicate a channel to instruct a mix change...I know how to dedicate the channel, but where in the MIDI sequence (and how), do you instruct the qs to change banks?

At the begining of the sequence or at a break of your choosing-send cc#000 and the value # 0-user bank, 1-preset 1 etc. on the mix select channel you've assigned. Then send your program change for the actual Mix you desire within that bank.

: Also, is it possible to dedicate any of the controller sliders to run a light board? Like MIDI Out from the QS to MIDI in on the light board, and use it to fade lights etc?

Yes, if the light light board can receive controller Data. In Global Edit mode, assign one of the controller sliders (A-D) to a cc# like 7 (volume). Make sure that the light board is set to receive cc#7 and that cc#7 is assigned to fade. Then the value of the cc# will directly correspond to the brightness of the lights. The QS only sends cc values on an assigned # in Global edit mode. It can't tell a device what to do with the data. The receiving midi device must be able to route the data to the desired function.

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