Re: Korg N5EX, Can you Loop?

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Posted by Bob on September 20, 2000 at 01:13:43:

In Reply to: Korg N5EX, Can you Loop? posted by Lance Buoncristiani on September 19, 2000 at 20:43:47:

: I have just ordered the Korg N5EX and i made a bad move of not finding out if it can loop for beats. I kind of figure that it can but am prayin that i am right. If anybody knows please let me know, and might as well let me know how too if you have the time. Thanks

I have the N5,EX is different in only the piano samples etc. from the N1, other than that they are the same and No- it doesn't loop except for the arpeggiator
when it is latched.Some cool drum/bass etc. loop type things done with the arp.but not loops in the traditional sense. The N5/N5ex/N1's are not performance monsters in any sense of the word.It is a good second board for supplemental stuff-some good sounds in the layered combi's etc. and a few nice tricks, but don't even think of using it as a master controller. Only can send on 2 channels simultaneously when in split or layer modes.Oh yeah, if you're going to use it w/computer for sequencing etc. and plan to use the serial port interface (only way to access it's touted 32 ch. capability--Ha!),you must order the cable from Korg-standard serial cable will not work. The pinout is different. And after waiting for a month for it to arrive at the store where I ordered it,it is only 3' long, so plan on putting the keyboard as close to the computer as possible. On the surface this instrument appears to be a monster,but they don't tell these things in any of the literature.I still use it for supplemental things in sequences and live performance where it does fine-just don't count on it to meet all your needs--or even most of them, cause you will probably be dissapointed.

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