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Posted by X Factor on September 27, 2000 at 07:34:53:

In Reply to: cannot play cd in car posted by Mike Glanville on September 26, 2000 at 14:19:53:

if you are converting them to wav, they should be playing. one important step is that you have to "close" the CD in your burning program before you can listen to it. this sets up the table of contents, etc, basically maps the disc so it can be played. if you are closing the disc properly and it still does not play, there are a couple of options.

1) the discs you are burning to are CD-Rs, NOT audio CDs. so they don't always play in everything. for example, i have to use certain CD-Rs (ones with labels) in my car CD player because i don't think the ones without labels are balancing correctly.

2) some audio components will NEVER play CD-Rs, and you may just have to look at getting a portable MP3 player or a new CD player. for example, a DVD player that plays regular CDs will NOT play any CD-Rs. the surface of the CD-R is more reflective than regular audio CDs and some components will not play them.

try changing around the brands of CD-Rs you are using. a little trial and error may solve the problem. also, try closing and burning your CDs in a couple of different burning programs. my favorite is sonic foundry's SIREN, available at their website for $30.

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