Re: Drum Kits QS6.1 HELP?????

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Posted by Bob on September 28, 2000 at 00:12:40:

In Reply to: Drum Kits QS6.1 HELP????? posted by RF Mud on September 23, 2000 at 22:07:07:

: Talk about frustration!!! My gosh I've spent 20 hours (at least) trying to figure out how to configure & SAVE my own kits or modification, as it were. I am using Cake Walk 8 to control QS. I have had a tad bit of luck but I can't deal with luck! I have to know what I am doing!! The manual is really very vauge concerning drum configuration! Does ANYBODY have any knowledge of this or where to find better documentation on this????

: Thanks a zillion!

: Roger

It's best to start drum programming from a current kit and re-edit.This way you'll already be in drum mode when you press the edit select button.There are 10 voices as opposed to the 4 you use in regular program mode.These can be assigned to any number of keys. You can use, for example, a kick on C1, a snare on D1, and a whole kit on C2 thru G8. You've now used 3 drum allocations. Each drum can be tuned and routed to effects individually etc. Some tooling around in this edit mode is definately recommended, but once you get the hang of it it's pretty easy.I would suggest, however, that you not try to edit thruogh your cakewalk
program. Use the SoundDiver software that comes with the QS or, if you have the time to wade through pages on the LCD, do it manually. The SoundDiver program will save you about 2/3 the time. Good Luck.

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