Re: Looking for that synth sound on Rush's Tom Sawyer

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Posted by Jason on October 05, 2000 at 02:24:20:

In Reply to: Re: Looking for that synth sound on Rush's Tom Sawyer posted by Rod on October 04, 2000 at 21:05:45:

Rod did a great job of describing how to roll your own, but to get you a few steps closer to the right neighbourhood to start tweaking, that sound was originally programmed on an Oberheim, I believe. Liner notes indicate Lee was using an OB-X as well as a more generically listed 'Oberheim polyphonic.' A Minimoog, too, but it sure sounds like an Obie to me.

: The vintage synth cards has similar sounds. You should be able to tweak one to your liking.

: The basic effect is a slow decay on the filter envelope. It starts with a high cuttoff frequency and slowly lowers it with the envelope. You can try maybe adding some overdrive to add some bite to the sound. Leave the amplitude envelope with a fast attack, and almost no decay, full release so you can hold the sound. You may be able to get something going by modifying one of the stock sounds.

: Most analog synthesizers can do that type of sound, but heck, I used to cover that sound with my high school band and got a pretty good darn impression with a korg ds-8, which was an FM digital synth

: : You know that one that starts off the song and is repeated through out. Sounds kinda like an electronic vibraslap with a slow pitch bend. If you know the song you what I'm talking about.

: : Anyone know what synth that was originally created on and more importantly if there's a QS patch for it. Or maybe there's a .wav sample of it that I can use.

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