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Posted by Chris on October 08, 2000 at 16:00:16:

What have I done?!
With everything turned off, I unplugged all my patch cables and vacuumed layers of dust off my mixer . When I plugged everything back up, my QS8.1 was not producing normal volume out from the mains. Less than a third as loud as normal. I've swapped cables, inputs, bypassed the mixer, re-initialized the synth, sent volume changes via MIDI, tried the AUX outs, everything I could think of.

My other equipment is producing normal volume, and the headphones output is normal. It seems that no matter what I do, the mains output volume is very reduced. Both channels are affected equally. I don't think I could have blown output amps. Could I? The level from the AUX outs is about what I get from the mains with the volume up full. I don't know what it was before, so I can't say if it is reduced as well, but it's so low it probably was.

Can anybody help? I've got to say I'm frantic. I'm stationed in Iceland, oceans away from any authorized service.


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