Re: HELP! New serial driver crashed laptop!

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Posted by Mike on October 09, 2000 at 17:22:19:

In Reply to: HELP! New serial driver crashed laptop! posted by Chris/Power Salad on October 09, 2000 at 16:48:11:

Ensure you are using the correct serial driver (v3.04) for Win95/98, and your not using the serial driver for Windows 3.1, which is v2.00 I think. This would cause Windows 98 grief for sure.

First see if you can boot Win98 into Safe mode. If it boots into Safe Mode OK, you may need to edit the statements in your Windows system.ini file that makes reference to the old Alesis serial driver. REM out (put rem in front of those statements) that call it. Once you've done this, reboot and check to see if Win98 starts normally without errors. You should delete any old *.TMP files that exist on your computer before you reboot to help eliminate GPF errors.

The Window errors you mentioned seem to stem from using the wrong serial driver. I could still be wrong about this, but the older driver certainly won't work reliably under Win95/98.

: Granted I'm relatively new at using the serial thingy to hook my QS6 to the laptop, but in trying to install the new drivers to the laptop (Win 98) I am now stuck in a loop where as soon as Windows boots up, right before the name/password screen, I get a GPF from Msgsrv32, a GPF in MMSYSTEM.DLL at 0007:000001d5 - I realize this might be more a Win problem but it occurred while I was loading the Alesis serial driver...Any kind soul know how to get me out of this??? Need to get this up and running for upcoming gigs, and can't even load Windows now, rendering entire laptop useless! HELP?!?!?! Thanks in advance for any info.

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