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Posted by dalas v. on October 12, 2000 at 19:12:34:
Hi QSr's,
Well, I've had my QS7 for a while, but I haven't used it much at all. Every
now and then I'll do some soundtrack work with it for my films, but it just
doesn't work well with my style, so I'm selling it to buy a sampler. I'm the
original owner, and I have all the original materials that came with the QS7,
including the CDROM. This keyboard is in excellent condition because I don't
smoke, I don't gig, and I hardly even used the damn thing. I'm selling it
with the classical instruments QuadraCard, the Classical Instruments Plus
QCard, and the Ethnic Instruments QuadraCard. Shipping will probably
be around $27 based on other QS7 auctions I've looked at. email me if
you have any questions, just remove the "nospam" from the address.
here's the URL:
dalas v.

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