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Posted by Bob on October 13, 2000 at 01:48:30:

In Reply to: Re: gate effect posted by Michael on October 10, 2000 at 23:22:06:

: : Two ways to get this type of effect. One is to cut release time in Amp envelope to 00, then adjust sustain level to desired cutoff of sound. But I think you want to try a gated reverb effect, in which case you enter effect edit mode by pressing edit button twice from program play mode. Select effect configuration 1- 1 reverb. Select Gate as reverb type.

: I was fine up to this point, then you lost me. I have no idea what parameters do what. I tried editing some while looping a note and it appeared to have no effect. The only time I could really tell a differnce was when I changed instruments.

: Can you give me an example set-up for a quick gate that will repeat while I hold the note down? Something like alternating controller 11 from 127 to 0 and back, as if I were manually programming the events in Cakewalk or similar sequencer. Entering the events in Cake is Ok and has taught me some, but it's quite tedious, but I'm sure it has it's own application. The wet/dry thing was also lost on me too, I'm afraid.

: :Page through reverb parameters and adjust them to your liking.Make sure send level is maxed for each voice in the program and wet/dry mix is 100% wet. This will give you the max desired effect.

: Thanks again for your help.

: Michael

A gated reverb is similar to a noise gate effect in that it allows a signal to pass through (the gate) for a specified length of time, then stops (gate closes). This effect is best used on short sounds such as drums, ala Phil Collins.The reverberation will continue for a specified length of time, then cut off abruptly. After you choose Reverb edit mode from program mode,and select conf. 1-2sends,1-reverb (the 1st send is for a pitch effect like chorus so disregard for now) send 2 is reverb and you can choose rverb type. This conf. is the only one that has Gate as a rev. type. Choose it.Parameters should be gate time or length, decay etc. adjust and listen to changes while playing short notes or drum hits. Continue through pages of parameters. The wet/dry thing simply specifies how much of the original signal is heard in contrast to the effected signal. You want 100% effect.Be sure to push send 2 level all the way up in the program edit mode. All of this can be found in your user manual in the editing effects section.

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