problems getting a complete mix in sysx on a qsr

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Posted by Kristian Hägg on October 14, 2000 at 16:20:19:


I'm trying to get a complete mix with all
the edit buffers with sysx from a qsr.
I get all the data but the buffers does
not contain the changes i've made to a
sound on the qsr anyway, that is, i selcet
a piano sound on channel 1 for example and
i change some things in the sound, which
then should be kept in the edit buffer, then i get all editbuffers and all data
that's needed with sysx from the sequencer
but when i resend the data the changes are
not there any more and it's just the plain
program that does NOT have the changes.
Why the heck is it like this, what can i do
to change it, the buffer thing is useless
if i'm gonna have to save down all programs
changed abit to seperate programs in the
userbank and save THAT stuff too, plesse
can anybody help me out?! thanks!

/ Kristian

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