Re: Quad Knobs as drawbars?

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Posted by Bob on October 20, 2000 at 21:29:37:

In Reply to: Quad Knobs as drawbars? posted by Bruce on October 15, 2000 at 21:25:34:

: Does anyone know if Quad Knobs can control volume of the four parts of a sound.{one knob each part}..thinking of making each part a different pitch{ octave fifth etc.} and having control of each volume with the Quad Knobs drawbars...any ideas? Thanks

Yes, this can be done, but you have to do some serious editing. First go into global edit and assign the control knobs to 4 different controller #'s---not #7.
Then you need to go into each program patch you wish to control like this and assign one of the 4 #'s to it's respective voices amp level. This will be done in the mod matrix section. Example: Mod source-CC#xx, Destination- Sound 1 amp level. Repeat this procedure for each of the 4 sound voices.One negative thing though, when you re-assign the controller knobs, they will no longer affect things like reverb decay, or whatever they were assigned to at the factory, unless you go into each program and re-assign the mod destinations to the new source controller #'s. As previously stated, do not use CC#7 as a source as this will affect the master volume.

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