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Posted by Mike on October 25, 2000 at 18:10:50:

In Reply to: Re: help - this is driving me nuts! posted by Michael on October 25, 2000 at 11:10:31:

Things you should check in Cakewalk for is that the patches you want the Alesis QS6.x to play are assigned to the Alesis INS definition file on those specific midi channels, and you are also using Controller 0 as the bank select method - General Midi off.

If you have other midi instruments (Roland, Yamaha, etc.) you can set those up in Cakewalk using their respective INS files, and assign those instruments to whatever midi channel you want to dedicate them to. You also want to ensure you are using the correct bank select method for those instruments in Cakewlk as well.

For example: In Cakewalk v9.0 I have a Roland JP8000 assigned to midi channels 1, 2 & 16, a Kurzweil PC88 assigned to midi channels 3-8, and the Alesis QS8 using channels 9-15.

If turning General Midi off produces the correct results when you switch to "drum mode" but it makes the other patches sound like they are playing GM, (and the Alesis INS file are assigned to those midi channels) then ensure Controller 0 is the bank select method being used in Cakewalk for those midi channels.

When controller 0 is used as the bank select method then User, Preset1, Preset2, Preset3, and GM banks for the QS6.x should be available in the drop down list in Cakewalk. A list of patches for that respective bank should appear, and you can select the correct QS6.x patch you want from the list. Hope this helps.

(PS: I am currently working on an EZboard forum for Alesis owners which is similar to this, but the info there is organized into their respective topics. This makes responding and creating posts easier. It will also include a "chat room" so you can talk with other Alesis owners on-line. Coming soon!)

: Mike,
: I have everything set as you describe, except for GM OFF. When I do that, I get the probem I previously indicated. I have the INS file for the Alesis and the card and have edited. I'm pretty sure it's right.

: When I say "switch to drum mode" I mean while on channel 10 (or wherever the drums are assigned) go to Piano roll view, right click on the keyboard and change to drum mode. You will then see all the different percussion instruments assigned to each key.

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