Many thanx!

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Posted by Chris on October 30, 2000 at 17:39:53:

In Reply to: Re: Gettin better posted by Rod on October 27, 2000 at 23:11:58:

: : : : Now I just can't make it happen with Cakewalk or Cubase. Since I know you are using Cakewalk, you probably have a few ideas about what is wrong. I keep getting the following message in Cakewalk when it opens :

: : : : "You have not selected any midi output devices, recording will not work..."

: : : : Although I select "Roland MPU-401" as input device and "Roland MPU-401" as output device, it still throws
: : : : the same message back at me.

: You may be missing the MPU-401 driver, although it doens't seem in this case that it would even show up as an output device. I'm at a loss. I would try reinstalling the driver.

: : : : I have more questions now, Is it going to be possible for me to listen to my QS6.1 thru my computer(connected via pc speakers ), even without recording? and also without any recording software on? Or will I always have to play with the software?(Cakewalk or Cubase) ( If I can get it to work anyways!)

: Yeah, you should able to. Your soundcard should have a 'mixer' application, just make sure the line in channel is not muted and the volume set accordingly. I've never tried it but it should work

WOW!!! This is so cool! Everything is working properly and it is quite impressive.

Thanx Rod!!! Thanx Micheal!!!

Since we last e-mailed, I have learned quit a bit during many sleepless nights. Thanx for the good input on how to work with the QS6.1.


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