Re: QS8 midi sync w/adat audio

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Posted by Mike on October 30, 2000 at 19:30:47:

In Reply to: QS8 midi sync w/adat audio posted by Jerry Dragon on October 29, 2000 at 15:57:33:

I believe you would need to record a midi clock signal onto a dedicated track of your adat tape in order to make this work, that is, if you are attemtping to use an adat recorder as a midi master or a midi controller for your QS8. I had to do this whenever I wanted to use a 4 track tape recorder to control an old midi keyboard I had.

You need a midi clock signal or use SMPTE time code as a timing source in order to sync things up. Some drum machines kave a 1/4 jack that sends out and receives midi clock signals, and this would allow you to record a midi clock signal onto a track of your adat tape.

Drum machines can also be used as a midi controller, but I don't believe the QS8 will let you record a midi clock signal directly. I haven't used the optical port on the QS8, but I believe this is only a digital input/output port that lets you record musical sounds as digital information - and that has nothing to do with midi time code or SMPTE time code.

I am not sure how the QS8 would receive time code directly from an ADAT tape recorder either. I haven't seen too many adat recorders with midi ports on them. What you would do is record midi time code from the drum machine onto the tape, then send this signal to the drum machine and have the drum machine control the QS8 via midi - (your adat recorder controlling the drum machine, and the drum machine controlling the QS8 via midi).

I personally think this is a messy and complicated setup. There might be better methods to accomplish the same goal that you are trying to acheive. You may have to look at it and work it from this angle.

: How do I go about synching the qs8 midi
: with the audio on my adat?

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