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Posted by Dave Sandstrom on November 04, 2000 at 18:49:32:

Recently, my QS8.1 has developed an internal 60hz buzz.At first, I thought ground loop. However, after disconecting All I/Os (audio, serial, etc.), Problem still exists and can be monitored thru headphones with volume up or down. It is not overbearing but can be heard at note trails and external gating cuts off trails.

Because it is 3 mo out of warranty, I dug into the power sup and checked all filter caps for leakage and even changed bridge diodes. Visualing inspecting ps transformer, I noticed a slight gap between the leaves of the iron stack but not sure if this is an issue. My question is, whats in the power receptacle, is it possible there is an MOV creating noise?
And yes, I have tried power sources from other locations. Besides, my studio is equipped with balanced/conditioned power and no other equipment is affected.

Any tech advice would be appreciated.

Dave Sandstrom
Hush-A-Bye Prod.

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