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Posted by Michael on November 19, 2000 at 18:24:57:

In Reply to: QS6.1 and Cakewalk Pro 8 posted by Jason Stanfield on November 19, 2000 at 03:03:49:


I have a QS6.1 and Cake Pro 7, but I think the setup is basically the same.

Let's get you the correct .ins file first. The 6.1 uses the same banks as the 7.0. Goto the software section of this forum and download the .ins file for the QS 7

Next, Mix 00 in the User Bank is the one you want to use for recording and playback with Cake. It's the multi-timbral setting.

Do the following to set up the QS:

1) Press Edit Select once
2) BANK> (right bank button) once,
3) PAGE> (right page button) once,
4) Then using the Value Up button, scroll until the keyboard mode is set to Out01
5) Press the Mix button to get you back to Mix mode.

This should get you going. Now when you are in Cake track properties, Source will always be set to Midi Channel 1, Port to Alesis QS7, and each patch will be assigned its own channel.

In Track View, just select the track you want to record, que it up and record. When you play it back, it will be right. Select a second track to record on, and the 1st track should playback while you are recording the second, provided you have not muted the 1st track, and that your sound card is capable of duplex playback while recording.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

: I've recently purchased an Alesis QS 6.1 and am having trouble getting it to communicate properly with Cakewalk Pro 8.

: After setting the QS into General MIDI, and the Cakewalk input source to GM, the sounds just don't match up. In the "Track Properties" box, BANK and PATCH can be chosen from a list of the QS' sounds. After selecting (for example) "GrandPiano", the sound will be of another instrument (patch) entirely.

: How do I configure the QS to send the right patch when selecting the patch from Cakewalk? Or do I need to configure Cakewalk another way?

: There is an .ins file inside Cakewalk that had Alesis banks and sounds on a list, but the list of Alesis products doesn't include the QS6.1, only a QS6 - same thing or different? Is this an issue at all?

: I would appreciate any help you might provide.

: Thanks,
: Jason Stanfield

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