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Posted by Frank L on November 21, 2000 at 22:40:08:

In Reply to: QSR and sequence playback posted by Mark on November 10, 2000 at 12:45:05:

OK, here are some Sysex files that I use at the start of midi programs within Cakewalk to get the QSR set up to be in the right mode, etc. for my sequences. I mainly use these as AutoLoad files when I start the Cakewalk project to place the QSR in Mix Mode, Multitimbral Program (00 in the Mix User Bank). To burn them on a card, I think you would have to place them in your events list at the start of your project, and make sure they precede any specific program selections you want to make on various channels before your sequence itself starts. Also make sure you place a small amount of time between each sysex messages. If you have a problem with these, let me know at

Turn GM off (I usually send this first to make sure I’m not in GM mode):
F0 00 00 0E 0E 10 00 00 02 00 F7

Go To Mix Play mode:
F0 00 00 0E 0E 0D 01 F7

Set Mix Play Program select to Ch 16. (This sets up the QSR to respond to any bank / patch change which follows on Ch 16 to change the Mix patch itself as opposed to changing programs on other channels in the mix. I do this so I can send a patch change right behind it to get the QSR set to Multitimbral):
F0 00 00 0E 0E 10 00 05 00 11 F7

Now insert a bank and patch change on Channel 16 to get to User Bank, Program 00 (Multitimbral). I find that I can do this with a sysex message in the Auto Load files I set up, but if I try to put them into the Cakewalk event list as sysex they don’t take, so I have to use a regular bank/patch change command here.

With this setup, you should now be able to send individual program changes on Channels 1-15 that change the programs on those channels; however, bank/patch changes sent on channel 16 will change the entire mix. If you need also need channel 16 for programs in your sequence, then follow the above bank and patch change with the a sysex to reset the Mix Mode to “Program”:
F0 00 00 0E 0E 10 00 05 05 00 00 F7

I usually follow this with another Go To Mix mode as shown above, only because it returns the QSR display from the global edit screen to the Multitimbral mix patch screen.

Also, if you ever want to send a sysex message to switch the QSR from mix play mode back to program play mode, send:
F0 00 00 0E 0D 00 F7

Let me know how this works for you. Again, I haven’t tried these sysex strings in “*.mid” files created in Cakewalk and burned on a PCMCIA card, but just for thrills I may try that this weekend. I’m particularly interested in seeing how info seems to get ‘lost’ in the transfer as you described it.


: I'm using a QSR with Cakewalk Pro 8.0. My overall goal here is to create/edit midi files with cakewalk, burn these to flash RAM, and use the QSR for playback and sound source. I'm having a problem trying to figure out how to set the PgmSelect mode, (page 10 in Global Edit), with a midi command. The manual is very brief on this, but my understanding is that this parameter needs to be set to a specific midi channel in order to respond to Mix pgm changes. I'm trying to make sure at the beginning of each sequence, the QSR gets set to the proper Mix pgm. Another problem I'm having, and this is probably more Cakewalk specific, is making sure all the proper pgm selections for each midi channel/sequence track, are made at the beginning of each sequence. In Cakewalk I can put these commands into each track's event list in the proper order I want each command to be sent, and everything works fine, until I save the file, (as a midi file). Upon reopening the same file in Cakewalk, these events have disappeared from each track's event list and are displayed in Cakewalk's track display. This is still fine for playback from Cakewalk, but if I write this midi file to the QSR's flash RAM card using Soundbridge, then play it from the card, the QSR does not get any of these pgm change events, or the sysEx event which turns off GenMIDI mode. It's as if these events, which happen very early in the tracks, are no longer part of the midi file. Any advice will be greatly welcomed, thanks for your time, Mark

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