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Posted by Frank L on November 23, 2000 at 08:11:50:

In Reply to: I got it to work posted by Frank L on November 22, 2000 at 20:52:03:

Brief follow-up. I found that the QSR doesn't need to be set into mix mode before sending the first song sequence or start command. Even if it's sitting in program mode, those commands still work to initiate playback from the card.

: I was able to get midi sequences on a card in my QSR to start, stop and to select the sequence I want by using Sysex bank messages from Cakewalk (Pro Audio 9). It should work with any sequencer that can send sysex messages at specified times. Despite the QSR manual saying it doesn't recognize song start, stop commands apparently it does, and that's what I've used.

: Once the card is in, press the Mix button on the front panel (or send a select Mix Mode sysex message of F0 00 00 0E 0E 0D 01 F7).

: I found you have to send the song select sysex message before the song start message. The song select message is F0 F3 xx F7. The xx is the hexadecimal code for the specific sequence you want 00 is 00, 01 is 01, 10 is 0A, etc. (If you don't have these you can find them in any basic midi book.)

: Then send the song start message of F0 FA F7.

: To stop, I found I had to use F0 FC F7, where FC is the standard song continue command instead of the stop command. Weird.

: I was wondering at first why you'd want to bother to this too, but once I got it to work I realized it could be a cool tool. If you have a set of sequences that you want to run, and perhaps switch the order from time to time, you can set up a sequence in Cakewalk of these sysex bank messages to pull it off. The only trick is timing them right so that the message for starting each song goes out right after the previous song is done.

: f3

: : Anyone been successful in using a MIDI start
: : command (like from cakewalk or a controller)
: : to start a midi sequence on the Lash/RAM
: : cards?

: : I can start a sequence from the front panel.
: : Both MIDI stop and song select work properly.
: : But I cant seem to start a sequence from MIDI.

: : Any ideas?

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