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Posted by ET on November 30, 2000 at 15:14:20:

Howdy peeps - I know a lot has been said about the EFX buss being diff in Mix mode. Here is my question anyways.

I have a sequence (Logic AV) that has a Hammond patch as one of the channels. In the program mode, the mod wheel turns on Leslie, which I want. In mix mode, it does not, presumably bcause the EFX settings are diff. Can I set the mod wheel to apply leslie w/o affecting the other channels? How? I don't need to know actual button numbers and such, just a philosophy (I'm not THAT lazy! ;-) I really don't depend too much on the Alesis EFX for this particular mix, so it's OK to use whatever EFX setup that will get me there. I could record the organ on its own audio track in Program mode, but then I won't be able to hear all of the midi stuff whilst recording.


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