Re: Setting up QSR for Sequencer Use

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Posted by Frank L on December 19, 2000 at 15:55:13:

In Reply to: Re: Setting up QSR for Sequencer Use posted by Gary Persons on December 18, 2000 at 19:22:51:

Sounds like your Multitimbral got altered and saved somewhere along the way with only two channels turned on instead of teh usual 16. Seems like all you should have to do is go to the Program Enable page in Mix Edit Mode and turn all the other channels on one at a time, then save the eidtied Mix. When saving, make sure you're still in Mix mode and saving the adjusted Multitimbral Mix to User 000. The probelm may be that you're trying (inadvertently) to save the individual programs within the mix as opposed to the mix itself. I know this can get tricky. I'll walk through it on my own tonight and write out all the steps. Hopefully that'll get it for you.

Also, you'll need to make sure your global edit settings have Mix Channel set at Program and that the Mix Group function is off (and of course, GM Off).

: Yes, it's supposedly like the QS7 and 8.

: Mix User Bank 00 only has MIDI Chanels 1 and 2 enabled on my machine. I think all I need to do is enable chanels 3 through 16 and I'll be all set.

: Now - how do I do that (see below) since the changes don't seem to "stick".

: thanks -

: Gary

: : If I'm not mistaken, the QSR is like the QS keyboards, in that multitimbral mode is already set up for you at Mix User Bank 00.

: : Try that, or....anybody else???????

: : Kind regards, Michael

: : : I've read (and re-read) the manual (as well as an email that somebody sent me) and I just can't get it! (Talk about feeling foolish...)

: : : My goal is to use the QSR as a multi-timbral synth (not Gen MIDI). As I understand it, the way to do it is to create a MIX with all 16 channels "ON", then do all the program changes from the sequencer.

: : : When I attempt to turn a channel on, the logical next step is to "Store" it, so I hit Store. The Store button then flashes, and the LCD asks something like, "Do I want to Store in a USER patch?" I hit Store again, and lose the change.

: : : (Man - this has got to be the worst manual I've worked with.)

: : : Can someone help?

: : : thanks -

: : : Gary

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