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Posted by elmo on December 20, 2000 at 15:08:18:

In Reply to: qs6.1 serial connection (windows) posted by elmo on December 18, 2000 at 18:55:28:

: i have set the switch on my qs to "pc"
: and set i/o to 38.4.
: do any other global qs parameters
: need to be set?
genMIDI on
: i have one serial port (com1).
port is enabled in system bios.
no conflicts with existing modem or other
hardware. fine.
i remember reading
: something about com2 being preferred
: over com1.. does anyone know about this?
the software never has a preference;
using one over another is a potential solution
when there are conflicts or complications with com ports.
: the cable is connected securely, but,
: i bought this cable at a computer store;
: are all din8-db25's made the same, or could it be
: that my cable
: can't handle serial communication (it was
: supposed to be a mac printer cable, i think)?
here was my problem.
not all serial cables are the same. some cables
(like mac printer cables, apparently) have two
leads switched around inside even though the jacks
are correct. a "null modem adapter" switches
them back so qs can talk to pc properly.

i got this info from searching this qs forum
for "alesis serial". after reading like 50
postings, i had a list of things to check
for problems. obviously this was a big help
to me, and i'm sure no one answered me because
it's such a common problem.
what really pisses me off, looking back,
is that one measley page in the alesis
manual listing potential pitfalls could have
prevented so much frustration!!!!!!!!!!!

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