Re: Recording straight out of the QS8?

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Posted by David Moore on December 27, 2000 at 23:31:03:

In Reply to: Recording straight out of the QS8? posted by Jamaal on December 22, 2000 at 16:21:35:

: Can I play a midi file thru my QS8, and using a 1/4" to stereo RCA cord, record to a CD burner? Is a power amp or condenser or other outside module required?
: Peace!

If you have one of those stand-alone cd rom burners that burns from audio
input, then sure you can.

However, unless you have one to hand, I would look at other solutions, such
as a computer based system. I have a Lexicon Core 2 card in my system which
I record to from the Alesis synth using a lighthpipe connection - so there's no
analog to add noise or distortion. This works real well.

Be aware, though, that the core 2 card is finicky. Once you get it working it works
really nicely but getting it working can be difficult. I ended up building myself a
second computer just to take this card. This has advantages in that my wife uses the
other computer so anytime I pulled it apart she had nothing to work on (hey - its
supposed to be my machine, not hers!)

It needs an interrupt all to itself and convincing Windows to do this is nontrivial.

One reason for doing this is that if you try to record a bunch of tracks at once from
your Alesis you only get the effects from one of the patches. The remaining patches
will not sound the same as when you were playing them solo. This can be fatal for
the sound you wanted to produce.

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