Re: Best piano snd: Alesis QS8.1, Korg N1, others?

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Posted by David Moore on December 27, 2000 at 23:52:39:

In Reply to: Re: Best piano snd: Alesis QS8.1, Korg N1, others? posted by Rod on December 12, 2000 at 23:01:05:

: My choices (in this order)

: Yamaha s80
: alesis qs8.1
: korg n1

: The action on the s80 is quite good, and the pianos are excellent for a synth. The korg pianos I found anemic and the action horrible. I rank alesis qs8.1 up there but I think yamaha got it right...

: the other options will cost you much more (ie roland xv88)

Personally I hate the Yamaha action. It feels to me like one of those super-compact
console pianos with the hammers connected to the keys by a long wire. The sound is
OK though.

The Roland XV88 is nice too, but rather more expensive. Alesis has a built-in speaker
piano version of the QS8 out now (whats- it called, the DV8, is it?) which sounds
much better than I expected (like, I would put one in my living room if I did not have
room for a real piano. Some Kurzweil's sound ok too (especially, according to keyboard, if you back
off the reverb - certainly the reverb on some of the Kurzweils I have played is repulsive, and I had thought that
they must be trying to cover up a lame sample, but it seems not so) but beware - their lower end units
are only 32 way polyphonic, which is not enough, in my view.

: Rod

: : Which synthesizer has the best piano sound-- of the mid-price synthesizers? (Don't want a digital piano).

: : Alesis QS8.1, Korg N1... any others?

: : I went to a music store and thought the N1 had the best authentic piano sound and feel in the short time I was there. But wandered what others recommended.

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