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Posted by f3 on December 29, 2000 at 15:18:37:

In Reply to: Turning Midi to Audio posted by Bobby Q on December 29, 2000 at 13:14:57:


If what you are thinking about is some sort of "conversion software" like you would use to change an MP3 file to WAV file, that can't be done from midi to audio (at least nothing that I know of).

To accomplish this you have to actually record the audio that your midi sequence produces on the device (or devices) that your sequencer is controlling.

Exactly how you would do it depends on the specific hardware / software set up that you have. You can, for example, record the stereo audio output of your QS synth (I'm assuming you have one since you're on this forum) if you're happy with the mix as it is or don't have any multi-track recording capability.

If you can do multitrack recording, then you'd typically set up your recording device as the timing master and record each of your midi track audio outputs separately to their own tracks, then mix the resulting audio recordings as you'd like them to sound to a stereo format wav file to burn on the cd. Depending on your set-up you would likely have to make a couple of passes to get all the tracks recorded separately, which is why the hardware / software doing the recording has to be the timing master so that all the tracks sync up in the end.

When I do this, I use Cakewalk ProAudio 9 which simultaneously runs my midi files and records the audio. I have a QSR and a soundcard with ADAT optical inputs, so the audio output is all transferred in digital format which minimizes some of the sound quality loss in recording from the analog outs.

Good luck, send me a note if you need more info.


: I was just wondering if anybody knew how to convert MIDI files to Audio, so they can be mixed down with other audio files to CD?????

: Thanks
: Bob

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