QCARD/Expansion slot/USER Bank storage issues. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Posted by John Brown on December 31, 2000 at 02:12:15:


Okay, I am a little confused on what I have been reading in the manual . Please help. Here's the scenario. I have 7 QCards, one QS6.1 synth, and one QSR synth module. Naturally this means that I can access 4 Qcards simultaneously. But what about the other 3 cards? When I am in my creative mode, I don't want to be limited to only the instruments from the current 4 QCards loaded. So then I figured that my solution would be to simply blow away one of my USER banks (preferrably the one on the QSR), and copy one more of my remaining 3 QCards into my USER bank of the QSR. My rational was that in doing this, I could now have 5 QCARDS accessible simultaneously. Even better. I could mix and match from my remaining 3 QCards and overwrite the USER bank of the QSR with chosen programs and/or mixes. That's when I read the following in the manual.... "NOTE: If the Mix or Program you wish to transfer uses samples that reside on a ROM card in slot A or B, you must have the ROM card in that same slot after the transfer in order for that portion of the Program or Mix to sound the same (or at all)......Once you store a Mix from a Sound Card into the User Bank, it WILL STILL LOOK for its Programs in the Sound Card Bank, if that is where it was programmed to look for them in the first place (which is frequently the case)."

What this means to me is that if I have the Hip Hop QCard copied to the USER bank, and then power down and fill my four card slots with four completely different QCARDS excluding the Hip Hop QCARD, I will not be able to play the Hip Hop programs or mixes from the USER banks. This defeats the whole purpose of copying programs or mixes to the USER bank in my opinion if you still have to have the stupid card in the slot where they originally came from!!!! I want to use the slot for something else!!! Any solutions out there??? Please Help!! Very much appreciated.

John Brown

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