Re: Need Help with QS6.1 Synth (Qcard/Slot Issues)

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Posted by Bob on January 02, 2001 at 00:09:41:

In Reply to: Re: Need Help with QS6.1 Synth (Qcard/Slot Issues) posted by John Brown on January 01, 2001 at 04:12:20:

: : is there a way to turn one of my user banks into a copy of at least one of my 3
: : : remaining Qcards while still keeping 4 totally different cards in the slots
: : :(for a total of 5 cards accessible).... Please help.

: :
: : John,

: : Sorry, it can not be done. The samples are located on the cards, and they must be
: : in the card slots to play the sounds correctly. Each card contains a number of unique
: : samples, and they can not be copied, only the programs and mixes. 4 cards and
: : another 5 banks on the synths can be a lot to work with, over a thousand different
: : patches and hundreds of mixes, so it's not that bad. Depending on the project you're
: : working on, you can select the 4 cards you most likely to need, and go with them.
: : Or get a second hand QSR and you're up to 6 cards. The Roland with 8 boards
: : would cost a fortune, so getting another QSR is cheap.

: : Les

: Thanks for the reply Les. It has been very hard to do, but I have the following QCards.

: 1. Hip Hop
: 2. Vintage Synthesizer
: 3. Latin
: 4. Vintage Keyboards
: 5. EuroDance
: 6. Classical
: 7. Sanctuary

: I decided to keep 1,2,3, and 4 in my Qcard slots and shelve the remaining. I will just have to make due with the orchestral sounds in the user banks. As far as the EuroDance, I can try to work around that one. In a nutshell, I needed to have the broadest range of instruments to choose from to guarantee that I won't have to stiffle my creativity. I guess I really shouldn't complain since I have GigaStudio. But there is one more question.
: With the bundled S/W, would it be possible to upload several samples/programs/mixes from any Qcard to my PC and then create a hybrid FlashRAM card made up of my favorite entities from the various cards, AND use the newly created FlashRam card WITHOUT any of the original Qcards in slots? IF this is possible, I can live with 3 slots filled with Alesis original Qcards and the remaining one occupied with the FlashRAM (which would contain stuff from other QCARDS besides the ones currently in the slots)?
: Thanks in advance.

: regards,
: John

I imagine it is possible,though I havn't tried it. If you can get the raw sample data from the Q-card to your Sounbridge program it's do-able. Also, the CD-ROM that comes with the QS has some extra program/mix banks on it. They use the onboard ROM sample set and some of them are quite good. Install the Freeloader application found on the CD and you're in business.This way you can overwrite one of the user banks on the QS6.1 or QSR. I have a QS6.1 w/Sancuary card and a 256k sram that is holding 4 of the banks off the CD, effectivly doubling the number of programs and mixes available simultaneously. Hope this helps, good luck!

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