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Posted by jean on January 05, 2001 at 12:44:59:

In Reply to: QS6.1 CD-Sample Needed posted by Nelson Vaz on January 05, 2001 at 09:25:06:

You can download the patches from the CD--programs and mixes--from this site or from the Alesis site. There are no samples to load on the CDs. There are other sites on line where you can find samples in various formats, and with a converter utility like Awave can convert to the Alesis-readable SampleCell format. Or you can buy SampleCell samples from various sources.

To load patches into your QS, you can use either the midi connection or a serial connection, depending on what driver you are using in your computer. The Alesis serial driver is available from the Alesis site and, I believe, elsewhere on this site. The serial connection is quite a bit faster than the midi connection to your QS. To me, it does not make much of a difference when you are dealing with programs and mixes, but it makes a huge difference if you are loading samples.

You can load programs and mixes directly to your QS User bank using the Alesis Freeloader utility (also available here and from the Alesis site) or a number of other sysex utilities, including the one found in Cakewalk. When you load to your User bank, you overwrite what's there. My suggestion is that you by an SRAM card to save your existing User setting and to store other patches, although you can also do it on your computer. Other entries in the archive and on the CARD page of this site will tell you about SRAM cards and where to get them. Les Winters, who hosts this site, may have some available (check his Midi-Store link on this site).

To load and burn samples, you need a flash RAM card and the Soundbridge utility. Flash RAM cards and sources are also discussed in the archive and on the CARD page. The Soundbridge utility is available on this site and the Alesis site.

Good luck and have fun!

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