MIDI help 6.1 and n-track

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Posted by Karl Batschke on January 05, 2001 at 23:42:28:


I'm using the Alesis serial interface between my QS6.1 and my pc. I'm able to receive data and record to my multitrack software (n-track)
My problem is this:
When I select the QS as the MIDI output port, I get nothing, no sound from the pc speakers, and no sound from the keyboard. I've turned MIDI to ON on the keyboard and selecte THRU for the output port on the keyboard based on what I read in the manual.
The only time I get playback sound on the pc speakers is when I select the Soundcard Synth as the MIDI output device. When I record, I'm not hearing my synth voice, just the default voice 1 general midi of the soundcard synth.
I'm sure I'm missing something very basic, but I'm expecting I should be able to input from the QS and record IT'S voices as well as play them back.
I'm beyond the basic I/O issues and into set up issues I believe.

Some basic info:
Serial interface from Alesis COM 1
BAUD rate set for PC

Multi track software - n-track Studio v2.2

Thanks for the help,

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