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Posted by f3 on January 10, 2001 at 21:09:13:

In Reply to: Re: Real beginner question posted by Ken Carney on January 10, 2001 at 08:21:45:

A decent rule of thumb is that one minute of one mono track of a cd quality (16 / 44.1) "*.wav" file is about 4.5 MB. So, a stereo (2 track) recording that is 150 MB probably runs around 16-17 minutes (about what you said). (It's the number of tracks, not instruments per se that matter.)

If you were to invest in software to do multitrack audio recording and record the audio for a piece like this and use, say 10 mono tracks, you're looking at a 750 MB+ file, which you'd then have to mix down to a stereo *.wav file to burn onto a cd (which will be back at the 150 MB size). Also, in addition to the computer and software to do this, you'll need a decent soundcard to get the audio from the qs into the computer, etc. In other words, you're on the path to building a basic home project studio.

Before you go that route, you may want to consider using your computer and qs8 to record the individual tracks initially as midi sequences rather than as audio per se, and once you've got the pieces as you like them, have the sequencer play the piece back automatically and record the audio from that as a stereo mix to burn onto the cd. Midi files for this are on the order of KB rather than MB, and midi sequences are more flexible for editing if you want to make changes, and far less demanding in terms of cpu requirements.

Either way (audio multitracking or midi sequencing), it sounds like you're in for you're in for many new adventures and a learning experience. Good luck, have fun.


: Thanks for the info. Since posting I have also found a salesman who is knowledgeable about the QS8.1 and is a fine player too. Also have gone back through the manual a few more times. This reminds me of when I switched to digital from the wet darkroom for my photography (now what?). As you suggest, it does appear the computer is the way to go, maybe get a G4 or something compact to set next to it. Still don't know about file sizes, but they appear manageable. Downloaded an MP3 of the Bach Chaconne, which was appx 150MB in wave format (don't recall exactly, but the Chaconne is about 12 minutes or so). Then again, that was only one instrument, so questons about how the file size is influenced by more instruments.

: : - If you really want to be able record multiple tracks you'll need to invest on a newer computer, with a good soundcard. You can then connect the audio output of the alesis to the line in of the card. And yes, audio files are very large. You would record it in a wav and then burn it into a CD. If you're ready to take the plunge I would suggest do some homework on what you want/need to make sure you buy wisely.

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