New Q-Cards!!

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Posted by Rod on January 11, 2001 at 09:14:08:

From a conversation with David Bryce in another forum:

As far as QCards, there are two more coming that I know of, both of which are finished and are currently being mass -produced. Since they have been shown publicly, I guess it's okay to talk about them.

There is, in fact, a guitar and bass card coming - it's quite excellent, and features a tasty selection of acoustic and electric guitars and a bunch of electric basses that are quite different from the onboard samples. The other one that I know about is called Film Score, and it has some of the most original and inspiring sound sets that I have ever heard - it is just waaaaaay too cool. If you have a QS synth, and like original intriguing sounds, the Film Score card is a must.

That is all that I know about future QCards.


Just figured people here be interested.

Disclaimer : I'm not connected to Alesis, do not intend to advertise on their behalf, do not have further information beyond what is written here and the conversation above was copied verbatum with Dave's permission.

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