Sending MIDI messages and Using Thru port

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Posted by Corey Taylor on January 25, 2001 at 01:25:22:

Dear Forum,

I have been trying to use Cubase Midi Software with my QS6.1 and Groovebox by Roland.
My Groovebox by Roland, does not have a thru port, so I was coming out from my MIDI sound card, into my QS6.1. I then used an additional MIDI cable to go from the thru on my keyboard to MIDI IN on my groovebox.
I only want to use the drum sounds from my Groovebox, or maybe a couple of other sounds from my groovebox, but neither here nor there, whenever I record multiple tracks, the groovebox plays back everything.
Is there some sort of MIDI message I need to send specifically to my groovebox?
If so, How? They put the specification and table in all of the manuals, but they don't tell you exactly how to send a message that will only let a module respond to only a certain channel(s).
Is there a specific option I have to choose on Cubase software?
Can anyone help?



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