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Posted by SoundTower on January 25, 2001 at 22:30:10:

What's new in Version Pro :
New re-designed Librarians. They will blow you away! Just check to see how they look like here. They not only show Program or Mix names but also part or their contents: Samples and groups. You will never have to guess what's what anymore! Organize, audit and save/write easy with click of your mouse.

Mix Librarian displays assignment of all sixteen channels so you can quickly pick which one you need and which one not to override.

In QSEDIT Sound Edit Windows were loading quite heavy - no longer! they are is smooth and light and flying now.

Effect Editing improved and so is Effect librarian! - I managed to go around some internal Sysex QS bugs to make Effect editing a total and real experience. Till now, even I did not realize how powerful QS FX system is! I've work with Korg, Roland, Yamaha but have to admit the Alesis system is the best. Just editing it without a tool is a nightmare but with QSEditPro - woow - you'll get instant reward.

If that's not enough - how about very handy Sound Librarian.

Transferring data to and from QS - plain and simple: Any bank any data at any time in any mode.

Copy-paste, drag and drop - whatever you can imagine.

On a negative side - well, I am still working on help file but I am impatient so I am releasing this new version with out complete guide hoping you figure it out yourself till then....

But the best of all, if you are registered QSEDIT user, the upgrade to QSEditPro is FREEEEEEE!

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