How do I get QS6 drum samples for use on my QSR?

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Posted by Steve Sheaffer on January 29, 2001 at 18:49:57:

I have used a QS6 as a sound module for sequenceing and writing for two
years, and have recently bought a QSR to upgrade and use for live performance.
Trouble is the drum sounds on the QSR are crap if you don't want that lo-fi
contemporary drum sound. Many of my songs depend on the big, gated,
cracking sound of the drums on the old QS6. I don't want to buy a drum
module if I don't have to, so I was curious if there is some way to get the
samples and programs of the QS6 in some form so that they could be burned
to a RAM card for use in the QSR. Kind of like having a QCard with a QS6
on it. I don't think there's any way to dump the samples from the QS6 itself,
so does anyone know if it is possible to do this, and if these samples are
available on disk from Alesis or others? Thanks.

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