Re: MOTU PCI324 / DualQuantum 9.1g SCSIwide HD.

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Posted by Shane on January 31, 2001 at 13:09:35:

In Reply to: MOTU PCI324 / DualQuantum 9.1g SCSIwide HD. posted by Tracquer on January 30, 2001 at 22:04:03:

Whew! That's quite a load of questions! Let me see if I can help...

Q: 1.I currently have a Creative Labs AWE64 sound card in my PC. I would like to use this card as my default midi adapter(via gameport-midi adapt), but not as the default sound card. Should I uninstall the AWE64 prior to installing the PCI324?

A: It's irrelevent. You can set up the midi and audio prioties within the Multimedia setup under the control panel. Also, the same applies with whatever software you plan on using.

Q: 2.Am I setting up the potential for conflicts with both cards installed.

A: As long as the cards priorties are set as described above you should be fine.

Q: 3.Is it true that I should install the 324 software before installing the PCI card?

A: Yes, RTM.

Q: 4.Should I disable any other SCSI peripherrals such as CD-ROM, internal ZIP, Super Disk, etc.?

A: I don't think that'll be necessary.

Q: 5.Do I really need to reformat my HD and set up an outer partition for faster read/write access times, or are my system specs at par with my goals.

A: Your spec's look more than adequate.

Q: 6.Re: My Dual SCSI HD,s: I can't seem to get windows to recognize my second hard drive and i'm think its probable that it is loading in the bios utility instead.
: The system was set up originally as a dual boot system. So far I have low level formatted the secondary HD from the Adaptec SCSIcontroller's bios utility.I have tried to change the status of this drive within the bios utility to all drive vs. boot only. I also set for plug and play. Any ideas ? I am booting from 1 drive and read/writing audio to the secondary.

A: Check your jumpers, and, make sure the second drive is terminated.

Hope that helps,

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