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Posted by Keeley on February 07, 2001 at 19:00:11:

In Reply to: Re: Soundbridge 3.1 keyboard not responding error posted by f3 on February 07, 2001 at 18:14:43:


I spent 2 days trying everything I could think of to get it to work. I ran it with other things running, I made sure everything was shut down except Soundbridge and tried that, sometimes going into the close program dialog and making sure nothing was running except Systray and explorer before running Soundbridge, I I tried having the keyboard plugged in and on when I booted my computer, plugging it in after I was booted up, every possible speed setting for the serial cable, two separate midi connections, the serial connection, re-initializing the keyboard, reinstalling the software, doing continuity tests on all my cables to make sure they weren't faulty, updating the midiman USB drivers (I was sure that was going to do the trick) and it was all to no avail. Then I just uninstalled 3.1, installed 3.0 and I could make it work everytime, with all my connections be it USB, through the joystick port or serial.

I can only conclude, after so much narrowing down, that either MY Soundbridge 3.1 is bad or something in 3.1 that isn't in 3.0 doesn't like some configuration on my PC. Those are the only two options I can think of that would explain the problem (readily admitting that someone more technical than I could probably come up with other reasonable explanations).

I would be interested to get a copy of your 3.1 and try it to see if I just got a bum CD or if it is something screwy between Soundbridge 3.1 and my particular PC.

Oh ya, my version of Soundbridge is 3.1.1 I think. Are there different versions of 3.1 or are they all the same? That I don't know.

Thanks for your feedback,


: Keeley -

: I can vouch for Soundbridge 3.1 working perfectly well with my QSR using a Midisport 2x2 USB interface.

: I have found that when I'm using a piece of software like Soundbridge or the Unisyn editor for the Alesis I have to make sure that all other programs where the same midi port is assigned (especially Cakewalk) have to be shut down or I encounter some communication problems.

: f3

: : Hi,

: : I just thought someone out there might benefit from this bit of knowledge. Below find an email I just sent to Alesis tech support. (they suck by they way)

: : Hi,

: : I purchased a QS8.1 about 2 weeks ago and recently have acquired Flash RAM and SRAM cards. Unfortunately I couldn’t get SoundBridge to communicate with the keyboard. It would just say the Keyboard was not responding. I know the midi connection I was using was good because I could send and receive through Cakewalk and through that other program (the name escapes me at the moment but it is the other little program that is in the Alesis programs folder on the cd that comes with the keyboard). I called your tech support and they informed me that Soundbridge drivers weren’t compatible with USB midi devices (I use a midiman sport 1x1 USB). So I tried an older adapter I had that plugs into my joystick port on the sound card with no success. Then I gave up and bought a serial cable and I still got the same response from SoundBridge, that the keyboard wasn’t responding. So I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it and that had no effect.

: : I had one last idea and I uninstalled the version 3.1 that I had installed and installed the version 3.0 that you have available on your website. It worked fine. It worked with my USB device it worked with my joystick port midi converter and it worked with the serial cable. Needless to say I was a little upset when I realized that the tech I talked to yesterday had no clue what he was talking about and just lied to me. SoundBridge does work with USB midi devices. I hadn’t needed to buy any new cables etc . . .

: : To make a long story longer, I just thought you should know that there is something wrong with the SoundBridge version 3.1 that ships with the new QS 8.1 (or at least the batch that was sent out with mine). If you get any more calls like mine have them download 3.0 from the web site, it worked for me.

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