mac/alesis/motu downward spiral

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Posted by dewshan on February 07, 2001 at 22:40:57:

I'm slowly descending into midi hell! I have a mac Blue&White g3,running os 8.6, MOTU fastlane usb midi, Alesis 6.1, sequenced with MOTU digital performer 2.72 Everything worked great at first except i could not access patches in bank 4 or my card in slot a-1, (I edited the definitions in the free midi file in the system folder to get it to recognize the Q-card) but that didn't help. My keyboard is in multitimbral 00 with mode set to out 01, Freemidi is set to transmit on channel 1 and record on channels 1-16. The only patches I can pull up from the sequencer now are the bank4-gen midi when the keyboard is in gen midi mode. I think I have moved patches or erased the multitimbral 00 part of the keyboard - does anyone have any ideas? i've tried keyboard resets didn't help

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