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Posted by Rod on February 08, 2001 at 15:12:31:

In Reply to: Take apart a QS8 posted by Chris on February 05, 2001 at 05:38:07:

This was my experience with a qs6, so some of it may apply. I had to open it up once to replace a faulty display; I wish I wrote down what i did because people keep asking this question.

Find two supports of about the same height, and set it on a table spread out a distance slightly shorter than the qs. Flip it upside down and lay the edges of casing on each support. Due to the size of the qs8 I would try to brace it somewhere in the middle as well.

You will need to remove the screws that attach the bottom of the casing to the top. (If I remember correctly) There's a few screws that hold the action to the bottom of the casing, so don't mess with those (a bit of guesswork there); I don't recall being too hard.

Now flip it back up, easier to do with 2 people, holding on to make sure the top and bottom don't come apart. Now you should be able to lift the top cover off, just be careful as you lift up since all the electronics for the button, sliders etc are attached to the base and some of the cables are pretty short.

You may be able to skip the 1st part (flipping it up side down) if you have a keyboard stand that doens't get in the way of the screws, and just remove the screws that way.

The qs6 is smaller and lighter so this worked for me. I was able to put it back together (this was 2 years ago) without a glitch. Good luck.

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