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Posted by f3 on February 12, 2001 at 14:28:41:

In Reply to: QCard banks and Cakewalk INS file posted by Nelson Vaz on February 12, 2001 at 05:21:07:

Nelson -

To access card banks, you use Controller 0 bank change messages, which are set up as part of the instrument definition for the QS in Cakewalk.

The basic setup (at least on the QSR and I'm assuming it's the same for the QS6.1) is that Controller 0 bank change messages of 0,1,2,3,4 call up the User, Pre1, Pre2, Pre3, and GM program banks respectively.

Controller 0 messages of 5-15 call up banks on cards in the slots.

Controller 0 bank changes messages then start to wrap around again from 16 on. That is, a Controller 0 message of 16 is the same as a 0, and will also call up the on-board User bank; 17 calls up the Pre1, and so on.

You can add these Controller 0 banks of 5+ to your QS instrument definition in Cakewalk. I simply add the basic "0-127" patch change option to my QS instrument definition as bank 5 etc. for the cards without worrying about the patch names. I also include a bank change 16 component having just the 0-127 patch number identifiers for my User bank when I've got other stuff in it than the original patches.

As for the Cakewalk INS files, I have never seen any pre-made files with names for anything other than the original User and preset banbk patches.

Personally, I think one can spend way too much time trying to keep patch such names up-to-date in the Cakewalk INS files when you are using cards and changing stuff in your User bank. Not worth the time and effort. Jot 'em down on paper or use the editor (I use Unisyn) to do a quick check of what's in there. Spend the time making music instead.


: I own a QS6.1. The INS instrument definition file for cakewalk comes from the qs7, which is the same.

: BUT... if you use for instance 8 banks loaded into a SRAM card, how can you access these plus the onboard sounds, from Cakewalk?

: The QS7 INS file also covers the banks stored on the cards, or only the onboard banks?

: - Nelson Vaz

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