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Posted by Shattre on February 16, 2001 at 18:00:56:

In Reply to: Flash or SRAM: Are they worth it?? posted by Kent on February 10, 2001 at 16:32:06:

Once you convert the card over to be able to store samples/sequences/data, you will only have one bank of program data and one bank of mix data. Also the card will become read-only from inside your synth, meaning you can only store programs (in entire banks) off your computer. This process basically just turns your SRAM card into a tiny, slower, FlashROM card.

I made the opposite mistake about 6 months ago and bought a 4MB FlashRAM card when I wanted to be able to store lots of User-editable program and mix data. In the end, it became usefull because I did end up storing and using some samples that I did, and I could free up the internal User bank (annoying as hell) to do my own stuff. Later, I just got a 512k SRAM card, which I'm really loving right now.

My suggestion, use the SRAM card what it's meant for, it's a powerfull tool if your doing lots of live performance or if your wanting to create a whole lot of sounds (not to meantion, free up the User bank so you don't have to copy over any of those great patches in there), and get a 4MB FlashROM card.

Alesis really should do a better job on their description between the two, it's pretty confusing.

- Eric

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