Strange Pitchwheel disorder and volume control problem...

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Posted by Eric on February 16, 2001 at 18:43:25:

On my QS 8.1...

I've found that on many patches I can't set the pitchwheel to go over +2/-2 steps without some strange things happening. On many wav and synth type samples, if it's set, to say, an octave, certain notes (spaced randomly) will only bend up/down a 7th or a minor 6th or something like that. This makes it really weird if I'm playing a chord, then some of the notes will bend up/down more than the others in the chord.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I'd really like to be able to set the wheel A LITTLE more sensitive than a 2nd.

Also, I've found some strange things when trying to deal with setting a controller (either slider or pedal) to change the amplitude or AmpEnv level of a voice. It works, but sliding the controller up or down tends to make it not work smothly and it sort of clicks into higher or lower volumes as I pull it up or down.

I'm wondering if these two things are bugs in the synth and whether these things have been documented before?

BTW: using a foot controller or slider set to ctrl #7 (volume) works completely normally, but of course, this controlls ALL sound output from the keyboard, and I have no control over which voice/program (if in a mix) it effects.

- Eric

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