Yeah, but I wish it were a little simpler...

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Posted by Shattre on February 16, 2001 at 21:08:37:

In Reply to: Control sliders QS8 posted by Larsa on February 16, 2001 at 19:36:05:

I'm with you, that would be GREAT for there to be a section of the mod function that you could program controllers specifically designed for running the mix, unfortunetly, Alesis didn't think of that for some reason.

The possibilities are still there, you just have to go a roundabout way to do them. You just have to edit that program so that it contains that controller function on all 4 (if your using all 4) voices. That way you can turn the sliders into something like organ stops where each slider turns on/off a different patch.

Now, theoretically, since you can change volumes of individual channels in midi sequences, you should be able to design an external midi controller that could give volume control signals to different channels. You could probably program a MidiBuddy foot controller to toggel on/off different sounds, which would be very usefull.

Maybe I'm missing something here, I'd really like to know how to do this easier my self, if anyone has any ideas, I'm sure there are better ways of doing this than the ones I've described.

- Eric

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