DO i still need interface?If i have that cable to the Joystick port?

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Posted by sekemi on February 21, 2001 at 00:56:35:

In Reply to: Re: WHat is daisy Chain??Need to get them Talking to each other.HELP!!! posted by chuck on February 20, 2001 at 21:35:21:

Thanks Chuck,

So instead of the special cable i have i need a midi interface anyway?
See this cable has a split end with MIDI IN n OUT n the other end has the many pins(dont;' what it calls) to the joystick posr of the PC.

Thats exactly how i hooked them up.. just that without midi interface.

so the Quetions is:

DO i need midi interface if im using that cable?
BUt im gonna use to recoal voice later what inter face for both midi n audio is good? n not to expensive?


: Ok well this is what i THINK you need to do:

: 1. The MIDI In and Out on the QS 6.1 should be hooked to your computer through the MIDI interface on the computer. The Computer should be set to the MIDI ports on the sound card (check your Multimedia settings in the Control Panel [Start>Settings>Control Panel>Multimedia>MIDI Tab])
: 2. This is where the "I Think" part comes in: Have the MIDI Thru on the QS to the "IN" on the module,and some speakers/headphones to the sound out of the roland.

: This setup is if you're playing MIDI from the COMPTUER ONLY. For keyboard to moduly, you may have to hook directly with the MIDI cable, or hook the module directly up to the computer w/ MIDI.

: I hope I helped, good luck,

: Chuck

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