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Posted by David Moore on February 24, 2001 at 01:04:30:

In Reply to: Re: I hear DAT posted by Chris Tolbert on February 23, 2001 at 13:54:08:

: : Yeah, I Wanted the SKB for better protection, but the weight of the case and the price differential swayed me. I figure, when I can come up w/the bread, I'll buy the SKB and use it when I need to - read:when I'm worried about packing it with other stuff that might eff up my board cause the softie isn't exactly DOT approved, if ya know what I mean. In addition, I couldn't find the SKB for the 88 key 8.1 w/wheels for < 380$!

: The QS8 fits a 76 key case, you don't have to spring for the big 88. Since the pitch and mod wheels are above and not beside the keys, my QS8.1 fits the 76key size SKB like a glove, like it was custom made for it. Online it's like $240 or so. I got mine from a Sam Ash in Clearwater FL for $224 or something.
: Chris

That's a real good price. I paid about half that for the semi-soft KACES 76 case with wheels, but
I could not put it on an airplane.

The version I have has a little pull out rack at one end which your stand is supposed to sit on.
It gets in the way of the lid and is useless for holding a stand, at least the one I have (its
the fold-out "spider" quiklock stand - more solid than an X stand. It would probably work with
some bungee cords, like someone else said, with an x stand.

The best thing about the wheels is I can wheel it in and out of the back of my hatchback (with
the back seats down. Also, the case has some rigidity to it, so its gives a bit more protection
than a straight soft case.

What I really need is a foldable wheel-barrow that will take everything at once (keyboard, amp,
rack, stool, stand, cables, etc) and then fold down to nothing somewhere back stage.

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