Re: Problem with Modwheel (QS8)

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Posted by Chris on February 25, 2001 at 12:21:36:

In Reply to: Re: Problem with Modwheel (QS8) posted by Andreas on February 25, 2001 at 05:04:46:

Hi Andreas,
This is cut and pasted from and earlier post:
Take off the seven screws along the seam on the back, then take off the
three screws on the bottom of each wooden side plate. The sides and the console section will come off
together. The console section is attached by some ribbon connectors to the main circuit card mounted to the
bottom chassis, you may have to disconnect the shortest one. Don't take off any of the screws on the bottom,
as they hold the keyboard and the power supply to the chassis.

The pitch and mod wheels are small pots mounted to a bracket on the top. Maybe the nut holding the modulation pot to the bracket came loose.

: Unfortunately, that didn't work. I suppose that I'll have to open the keyboard. Is there anything one should take care of when opening the QS8?

: Thanks,
: Andreas

: : Did you try to reset your keyboard?:
: : Set your modwheel to zero then turn off your keyboard. Now hold down the "0" and "3" buttons and turn on your keyboard still holding down the buttons. It should reset your modwheel.

: : Marc

: : : I'm not sure whether it a soft- or hardware bug (I suspect the latter), but my modwheel doesn't work correctly anymore: when it's set to zero, everything fine, however, when I turn it up, the modulation will come in delayed, but as soon as it's reached it's peak, it'll fade away automatically again?
: : : Anyone got any ideas how to solve that? Any suggestions are welcome!

: : : Thanks in advance!

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